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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seeds of Faith

“I don’t get no respect.” We all believe Rodney Dangerfield’s catch phrase could be our own. It seems as if our culture hasn’t a clue what it means to respect anyone anymore. Respect your elders. Respect your boss. Respect your body. Yeah right. Disrespect abounds.

You would think if God came down and walked the earth there would be a little more respect.

God did walk the earth and alas, no we still don’t respect. He gave us His Holy Word every time we fail to listen to, we give the greatest disrespect.

and that is why Jesus, God’s only begotten Son was sent to the earth, to get no respect.

With all of our lack of respect heaped on Jesus’ shoulders, He was rejected, by us and by His Father, so that you and I are now respected by our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

These Seeds of Faith have been sown by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Bridgeport, Nebraska.

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