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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes when you hear your children babbling incessantly, you’d think that they are plotting to take over the world. Such was the case when God confused the languages of the people at the Tower of Babel.

Then a few thousand years later, the Feast of Pentecost, the day a gathering of believers were filled with the Holy Spirit enabled to declare the wonders of God in their own native languages.

What wonders of God were they declaring? That Jesus, the one who was put to death on the cross, rose from the dead three days later, and ascended into heaven to fill the world with His forgiveness.

That Pentecost Day, Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit undid the effects of the Tower of Babel. Now His plot to take over the world can be revealed to every tribe and nation.

These Seeds of Faith have been sown by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Bridgeport, Nebraska. I’m Pastor Allen Strawn

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