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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proper 28

Signs are everywhere. They tell us where to turn, what store we are in, and warn us when there is danger. The world is full of signs: The leaves are falling. Wars and worldly strife. Broken families. Wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes that tear the world apart and take life.

What do all of these signs have in common? They tell us a change is about to take place. Unfortunately the change isn’t as tame as fall turning into winter. But it is just as obvious. When we see all the pain, suffering, and death, Jesus says these are the beginning of the birth pains.

Not the birth pains of a new earthly child, but rather the glorious return of Jesus to take all who endure in faith to the end to be with himself forever where there is no more pain and, only glorious eternal life.

These Seeds of Faith have been sown by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Bridgeport, NE. I’m Pastor Allen Strawn.

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