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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Seeds of Faith

You have heard of the man. He persecuted Christians and watched them die. What a horrible wretched man that he was. You may be happy to hear, he died on the road. His name was Saul.

The amazing thing is: Saul kept on living after he died to his sin, because he had an encounter with Jesus. Jesus used His Word and turned Saul’s life around and gave him a new life.

You also can be certain that when you hear our Lord Jesus speak,

your life will never be the same.

He speaks just as clearly today to you as He did to Saul on the road.

You will still encounter heartache and frustration,

but your life will never be the same as you live in the hope of salvation

in your living Savior Jesus.

These Seeds of Faith have been sown by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Bridgeport, Nebraska. I’m Pastor Allen Strawn

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